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Dharma #tegncontest

Hidden in the deep of the long ago forgotten forest of Uthonord, she dwellled most of the day. Her escape at an early age freed her from the fearful hand of the imperial army of Astärmik.

The emperor knew about the prophecy of a pure-hearted woman, the only person capable to defeat him. The woman from the story was said to have the uncommon ability of communicating with the spirits of animals. She would be born in the night of the seventh winter solstice, counting from the year of the Emperor's arrival to power. Daughter to humble artisans, murdered by Astärmik's soldiers, blessed by the brightest star among the northern sky, Dhärma was her name.

Many years later, at the age of adulthood, most of the times she would only leave her secret shelter after being certain that the empire soldiers were not scouting nearby the area.